Inspection Process

What's a home Inspection 

A home inspection is a noninvasive, systematic, visual examination of the home. Inspections include areas from the home's roof to the foundation, the interior and exterior components, and everything in between. As your home inspector, I will assess areas of the home that may compromise safety such as structural defects. Additionally I will examine each system, identifying components that may not be functioning properly or items that are beyond their useful life. If problems or defects are found, I will recommend further evaluation and correction by a licensed professional for that specific area. Please remember, that a home inspection is not a warranty.

In addition to inspections during the home buying process, InterNachi recommends annual inspections for maintenance purposes. This keeps homeowners aware of issues that may arise. 

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Your Inspection Includes

During the inspection 11 main systems of the home are examined:


Site and Exterior


Plumbing System

Electrical System

Heating System

Air Conditioning System


Insulation and Ventilation


Attached Garages or Carports

I follow InterNACHI Standards of Practice  which can be found by clicking the link , each client should read these guidelines and have a clear understanding to what is covered during a home inspection 

Pricing varies by square foot of the home 
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UP  TO 1500 SQ FT 


1501 to 2500 SQ FT 


2501 TO 3500 SQ FT 


3501+sq ft Call for Price



Home Inspection 

This is a complete visual assessment of interior, exterior, structural and every system within your home. 

Recommend for any real estate transaction, this inspection addresses any safety concerns or defects prior to the purchase of your home. 

Starting at $350


Maintaince Inspection 

All Inspections include 

Recommended annually, this inspection is an abbreviated complete inspection hitting the major areas of your home. This is intended to identify problems that may arise before small issues become major home defects. This is also useful for energy saving tips, and can address specific areas of concern you may have as a home owner. 

Starting at $225

All inspection findings will be given to clients in a detailed inspection report. This report will be available  to clients within 24hrs of inspection completion. Reports include color and inferred photos, detailed findings, and recommendations for further evaluations.